Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar HeroinBrown sugar (an adulterated form of heroin), also called smack, junk, skag, dope, and chaw, is a semi synthetic opioid derived from the morphine extracted from poppy plants. [ref],-Heroine-Addiction-Treatments/Rehabs/index.html[/ref] Pure heroin accounts for only 20% of the brown sugar drug; the remaining 80% comes in the form of chalk powder, zinc oxide, and even strychinine.

These impurities make brown sugar much cheaper than the typical, more purified, form of heroin; they create a substance more dangerous than heroin, as the user is unsure exactly how much heroin he is consuming. [ref][/ref]

Brown Sugar: Methods of Use

Most brown sugar users prefer to smoke the drug. Its properties are well-suited to smoking as it burns at a lower temperature. Practically, smoking is a very efficient way of taking the drug.

Some will heat the powder on tin-foil and inhale the fumes; others will inject themselves with brown sugar; this is difficult as the impure substance doesn’t dissolve well in liquid. [ref] [/ref]

How is Brown Sugar Made?

Brown sugar is usually made available in powder form, and is kept in small vials. The substance is only about 20% heroin. The heroin is mixed with other substances like chalk powder, zinc oxide and even strychnine.

Because of these impurities in the drug, brown sugar is usually cheaper, but more dangerous.

In order to dissolve the substance with the purpose of injection, you have to mix it with an acid. Typically, people will use one of four different acids to make their brown sugar (or some actually call it “brown heroin”) soluble. Their choices are citric or ascorbic acid (these tend to work), or lemon juice and vinegar (which should never be used).

Injection is one of the most dangerous forms of transmitting a drug into your body. You place yourself at risk for HIV infection and other blood transmitted diseases. Also, constantly plunging needles into your veins is bad for your skin and insides.

Brown Sugar Threats

Brown sugar threats are analogous to many of the dangers presented by heroin. Often brown sugar abusers will develop a dependency on the drug, and as a result – begin having extreme withdrawal symptoms only a few hours after use.

Specifically, some of the threats surrounding brown sugar abuse are:

  • Weight loss
  • Loss of appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Lack of concentration
  • Depression and frustration

Withdrawal symptoms

As you can see, brown sugar takes a toll on the body. And with anything that effects you in this way, it will have a number of negative effects on the body.

And as it takes its toll, and you attempt to stop using, withdrawal will hurt. Withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Violent and aggressive behavior
  • Lack of sleep
  • Abnormal behavior
  • Vomiting
  • Watering of nose

Uses in India

India abuses heroin (the derivative of brown sugar) more than any other country in the Southern Asia. According to a UN report, “One million heroin addicts are registered in India, and unofficially there are as many as five million.” Brown sugar accounts for much of this heroin use.

Brown Sugar has become one of India’s most popular drugs. Addiction to the substance has challenged our society for decades now, and its effects are eroding the potential for the youngsters of our generation.

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12 Responses to Brown Sugar

  1. Anirban Das says:

    I am an inhabitant of kolkata & want to make a documentary on drug usage & abuse in my place. I am searching for the places where I could find the addicts to get some real ideas for my reason. I am happy to learn that the present govt has stopped the buying/selling of the deadly drug in sealdah station.

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    • Anwesha says:

      our govt. has done nothing. everything is sold, everything is found. just the places have been changed a bit, so that it seems to ppl that the selling of this deadly drug has stopped. fact is that, our govt. takes up a high amount of revenue from these peddlers and so the selling of these drugs will never stop, and the lives of addicts like us will go down to the gutter. i have faced the pros and cons of using brown sugar or smack as we call it here.. its high time it should b eradicated, otherwise it will take the lives of many.. it is a dangerous substance.

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    • Sutanu says:

      I will help you out. Just Mail me. I was an addict at one time. I know how pain it is. I am in recovery. my mail is

      All the Best!!!


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  2. debabrata bose says:

    if u want to know about brown sugar,just contact me,1time i am also use it,now im in recovery,i will take u where u see addict,

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  3. TP SINGH says:


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  4. shourabh sharma says:

    i am Hardly interested to know side effect of brown sugar and leave to this addication.plz give me suggestions…..

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    • Ben - Centres Manager says:

      What area of the country are you looking for treatment?

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  5. Subrata nath says:

    I am not addicted of it,but plenty of time I smoke smack.If there is any option to stop the selling that item like smack,marijuana & charas I like to help you to stop it. I am from Asansol (W.B.). e-male- I know many place where it sale.

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  6. iwasanaddict says:

    its a deadly drug its use in darjeeling has reached ample heights seems everyone around has upgraded mostly the teenagers and its providing a lucrative gateway for unemployed youths ..a gm for 500 bucks from siliguri can be turned into Rs.2500 in retail in darjeeling in retail so u can c why its luring the youths .. if the administration doesnt take its toll darjeeling will be turned around into a junkies heaven.. a hell in reality

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    • santosh says:

      very true bro in darj it is now a new trend taking over the youngsters now having used the substance for a few months and more i feel its high time to move on and i m in the recovery stage.not having it for a single day is like a huge challenge and to be dependant on it just kills u from inside trust me people nothing helps no substitute for this substance.i almost lost everything from family friends and all the loved ones,this freaking drug is just irreplacable taking many life from the hill people families destroyed sucidal cases and over dosage which has taken many lifes and is now on the increase.even after recovery and rehab just the one chase can bring u back from where u left last nothing helps just the dose increaseas each time u get back.this is an advice to all my native people and teens pls dont try this particular stuff it is really hard to get out of it and no other substitute unlike booze,pills,ganja…
      stay healthy and safe pls pls dont try this stuff it just kills you and now i regret for the first and last time no i m on medication now !!

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  7. Rahul says:

    Hi i m Rahul. I m from kurukshetra (haryana). I m taking brown sugar from 2011 till today!!! I really want to quit this, but i cant. If i didnt take in the morning then my body feels sick ,my legs vibrates, running nose and eyes, exetreme yawning. Plse help me what to do… Is there any medicine which i can take.??

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  8. iwasanaddict says:

    my frens said s.p( spasmo-proxygon) was the best alternative i tried and failed then the doors of the goodwill centre opened where i started to take a daily dose od ad-noc(6mg) which is helping me a lot …really the chasing the dragon in this case kills the chaser not the dragon…so be beware ..well said santosh ..darjeeling is burning and fuming with brown sugar…i regret the day i tried it i m in tryin to gt the fk out of it ..i never regretted nything in my life so much like bs….please dont fall prey to this evil drug

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