Online Drug and Alcohol Recovery Resources

October 16, 2015

Do you and your family understand the real cost of addiction? Our friends at Duffy’s Rehab have put together this handy addiction cost calculator that helps put in perspective the amount of financial, physical and emotional costs associated with addiction. This perspective can help making the choice to find help an easier one.

August 12, 2013 makes finding a treatment center effortless. Offering a comprehensive list of the world’s top luxury centers, choosing the best path to your recovery has never been easier.

July 31, 2013

The Addiction Recovery Blog provides recovering alcoholics and addicts a place to share their experiences, and help each other live life to the fullest.

July 29, 2013

Castle’s Craig’s well maintained blog provides people with expert addiction resources. Covering a diverse range of addiction and recovery topics, Castle Craig imparts to all their readers interesting perspectives and thought provoking articles.

The Guardian provides the latest drug news on a regular bases. Combining interesting stories and stats, the Guardian is a useful tool for anyone attempting to stay up to date on addiction news.

November 20, 2012 is an immense recovery and addiction resource. They produce interesting and relevant addiction and recovery articles daily. They also have expert advice, forums, rehab reviews, and much more.    

July 7, 2012

“ brings people together around the issues of addictions by providing concise, up-to-date information and a meeting place for addicts, their friends and families, and professionals who offer pathways to recovery.”

October 14, 2011

Youth Veerangnayen is a society, started in 2010 that works all across India to create awareness and help fight problems in society. A large part of their efforts involve fighting addiction. One of their programs is De-Addiction Awareness which involves door to door counseling and treatment for drug addiction. They are specifically interested in helping… Read more »

October 4, 2011

This is an online directory of drug rehabs. It is from an American perspective, but there are a lot of good resources on the site. Besides a directory of centers, they have rehab resources, articles and a member community.

September 29, 2011

This site is for all those who are seeking recovery, those already in recovery and those who wish to share their experience, strength and hope. A place to share freely connect with peers & get expert advise on issues related to addiction. Also a forum for NGOs to showcase their work and reach out to… Read more »

ADIC-India, a registered Substance Abuse Prevention NGO, has been working since 1988 to fight the growing substance abuse and alcohol problem in India. They have been involved in projects consisting of prison intervention, state enforcement, drug free campuses, and rehabilitation and de-addiction projects and centres. Their site includes information about their organization as well as… Read more »

A massive database of alcoholism articles, various alcohol sites, and current news surrounding the topic of alcohol exists within this site. Addiction STOPS here is a useful tool for addicts and medical proffesionals alike. Hundreds of topics and issues line the left side of the home page offering unlimited resources for curious viewers.  

Providing viewers with materials ranging from helpful health information to health centres and other drug services, it is no surprise that Medindia is Asia's premier health portal. Since 1995 Medinida has been breaking down difficult health topics into understandable material; making sensible material available for the public eye. Their team of doctors and researchers are… Read more »

This non-profit fellowship offers help for addicts in over 60 countries. The organization is structured around the idea of total abstinence. Every day addicts are instructed and encouraged towards this end result and many develop an individual responsibility resulting in an abstinence from drugs that is maintained. The site made available here is India specific,… Read more »