Nijaat Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center

Services Offered: 12 Step, AA & NA Meetings, Alcoholism Treatment, Drug Addiction Treatment, Free Treatment, Out Patient, Relapse Prevention, Residential Rehabilitation, Smoking Cessation, Substance Abuse Counselling

The first residential de-addiction program in Dehradun, Nijaat Rehabilitation Centre is a non-profit facility that provides many services to the community in the surrounding Dehradun area. Beginning with little funding and staff, Nijaat was founded upon the principle of providing "Holistic healing to addicts and their families and to facilitate their reconciliation and integration in society."

Since that time, the Nijaat Rehabilitation Centre has expanded to a multi-bed residential facility as well as multiple day programs on site or in the city. Nijaat's holistic program is a structured, but relaxed atmosphere where patients can see their families everyday if they please, participate in therapy, visit with guest speakers, go to AA/NA meetings and much more. Patients are treated with compassion and confidentiality. Free treatment is available to those living below the poverty line.

The large staff is made up of full time professionals as well as faithful volunteers. Nijaat, which means freedom, is a place for rehabilitation, recovery, and peace. Come enjoy the breathtaking views and freedom from addiction.