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Drugs that Can Kill You in 5 Minutes

People use drugs to briefly step out of reality. Addicts light up to escape the real world for a moment. An alcoholic takes another drink to revisit that “better place” the beverage creates for him. But no one excluding the suicidal camp takes that sniff, puff or sip thinking, “This might kill me in 5 minutes.”

As a child you learned not to put certain things in your mouth because of what if could do to your little body. As adults, it may be time to revisit that child-like mentality as we approach certain substances.

Let us not forget that drugs and alcohol are poisonous; they merit our respect and consideration before use. Don’t join the millions that found out too quickly that when you fool around with toxic substances, you allow your life to swing in the balance.

Drug Cocktails

A vast majority of drug related deaths begin with a mixture. In a 2003 report the Drug Abuse Warning Network cautioned us that an average of 2.7 drugs were used in fatal overdose cases.

The body reacts to different drugs in different ways. As an effect, when one drug affects breathing, and the other disturbs brain activity the body can’t keep up and eventually shuts down. The effect is synergistic, and through teamwork and toxic tendencies, the drugs can kill.

Heroin (or Brown Sugar) combined with Alcohol shows us the lethal capability of a dangerous cocktail. When used together, the drugs can easily stop a person’s natural breathing pattern.

Glutamate is generally acknowledged as the most important transmitter for normal brain function. Alcoholic drinks can decrease the effects of glutamate, impairing the judgment of an individual. Combine this effect with the euphoric “high” of heroin, and the user can actually lose the drive to breathe.

Within five minutes, death through self-inflicted suffocation can shortly follow the use of the heroin alcohol cocktail.

Heroin, Brown Sugar and Other opiates

Overdoses of heroin kill more people than any other single drug on the market. The initial high given by the drug causes mental confusion, slowed breathing, nausea, and sedation.

But when used in excess, the immediate effects of heroin build up and often result in respiratory failure. This means the body quite literally forgets to breathe and deprives itself of oxygen eventually killing the user within a matter of 5 minutes.


The effect of alcoholic beverages is directly related to the amount consumed. Through a process called “metabolizing,” your liver does its best to eliminate the toxic alcohol from your blood, but it can only handle so much. The excess alcohol is left to circulate throughout the body.

The more alcohol circulating, the more intense its effect; and the more intense the effect, the slower the user breathes. A lack of oxygen reaching the brain can cause coma, which can lead to death.

The body may attempt to rid itself of the access alcohol by vomiting it out. If this happens during a coma and it has the person can literally drown in his own vomit.


Can cigarette smoking kill you in a matter of minutes? No, not unless you choke on your bidis. But what can kill you quickly is a combination of nicotine patches or gum, and smoking.

According to a research team from the University of Utah, “This combination [of smoking and using nicotine patches or gum] puts much more nicotine into the body than smoking alone. Sometimes, nicotine can reach levels high enough to paralyze the muscles that control breathing or cause a heart attack.”

The result of high nicotine concentrations can prove deadly.


Cocaine, like other stimulates, boosts the release of adrenaline-like hormones causing increased motor activity, heart rate and blood pressure. Cocaine also causes blood vessels to narrow.

This dangerous release of hormones and thinning blood vessels is connected to heart attacks, brain damage, overheating, and respiratory failure.

Heart Attack: The increased motor activity demands the heart to produce more oxygen. But as the blood vessels narrow, blood supply significantly decreases which often leads to a heart attack.

Brain Damage: The spike in blood pressure can cause blood vessels in the brain to rupture resulting in a cerebral hemorrhage.

Overheating: Because of the boost in motor activity the body heats up and needs to be cooled. But altering adrenaline hormone levels can influence the body’s ability to cool itself. The result is organ failure, and eventual death.

Respiratory Failure: Similar to the affects of Alcohol and Heroin, Cocaine can inhibit a person from breathing, which can lead to death.

Addiction to Deadly Drugs

Beyond the direct and sometimes deadly affect of drugs and alcohol, each of these substances has a direct affect on the mind. They can temporarily distort reality, and influence the users perception of what’s around him or her. These distortions are dangerous and addictive.

Think of drugs and alcohol as a poison a toxic substance that can destroy you and the people around you. The best way to take drugs is to take them seriously, and never take them in the first place.

Avoiding drug cocktails, heroin, alcohol, nicotine and cocaine could mean avoiding death don’t chance it.

See you in five minutes.


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