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Natural and Ayurvedic Treatment for Sinusitis

Treating Sinusitis with Ayurveda

Sinusitis (also referred to as sinus, rhinosinustis) is a medical condition wherein issues like allergy, air pollution, common cold, and many more factors lead to swelling of tissues surrounding the hollow space behind the bones of the face commonly referred to as sinuses.


Scientifically there is no proven long lasting cure for this disease that majority of people in India are suffering with.  It is a very uncomfortable condition wherein inflammation leads to severe congestion between the eyes nose and forehead and this often leads to severe other complications.

Ayurveda is 5000-year-old science from the Vedas that is often referred to as “knowledge of life “and Ayurveda helps to Manage your  Stress and anxiety. Diseases that have proved to be incurable by medical science have been treated successfully through Ayurveda.  As per Ayurveda, sinuses are infections that are caused by an imbalance in the “pranavata” and “shleshakakapha”. “PranaVata” is sun dosha of vata that is responsible for controlling the brain and “shleshakakapha” is responsible for controlling the moisture and lubrication equilibrium.  Imbalance in “pranavata” and “shleshakakapha” leads to blockage of the pitta which eventually leads to sinus.

Five natural ayurvedic remedies for treating sinuses are:

Ayurvedic Steam Inhalation: Steam Inhalation with the help of ayurvedic medicines is a very effective means of getting rid of the congestion. Ayurvedic herbs, ginger, eucalyptus oil etc are used while preparing for the steam and this is a very effectual means for treating sinus naturally.

Nasyam: “Nasyam” is a very effective ayurvedic means for detoxification and helps in treating sinus by effectively regulating the medicated oils/ayurvedic juices into the nostrils. “Nasyam” helps in improving the flow of oxygen into the body by helping in getting rid of the congestion caused by sinus.

Oil Massage:Massaging with oil is a very effective means for treating sinus as it helps in calming the “vatadosha”. Oil massages is very useful in preventing the accumulation of “kapha” between the face forehead and nose. Oils that are generally used for the massages are:

  • Mahanarayan oil
  • Seasame oil
  • Narayana oil

In order to get maximum benefit through oil massage, it is very important that the oil is warm as this helps in easy transmission of the goodness of the herbs into the skin.

Ayurvedic Spices Infused Drink: Another very effective ayurvedic remedy for sinus is drinking water infused with ayurvedic spices. Spices usually used for preparation of this special beverage are :

  • Tulsi leaves (2 leaves for the preparation of one glass)
  • Ginger slices (2 slices for the preparation of one glass)
  • Cloves (2 cloves for the preparation of one glass)
  • Mint leaves (4 mint leaves for the preparation of one glass)

This special beverage is to be consumed throughout the day by the person suffering from sinuses.

Treating Sinusitis with Ayurveda

Lemon and Ginger Tea: Consuming lemon and ginger tea regularly is very effective in preventing the recurrence of the sinus.

Other than the above-suggested remedies, it is advisable for the patient to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Incorporating some form of exercises and balanced diet in the daily routine is very important for boosting the metabolism of an individual, stimulating “pitta” and regulating the “vata”.