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Disha De-addiction and Rehabilitation Centre is one of the leading anti drug treatment centres in India, committed to drug abuse prevention, control, treatment and rehabilitation of those addicted to alcohol, heroin, cocaine, crack, methamphetamines, marijuana, cough syrups, sedatives, tranquilizers, pain killers or any other drug. DISHA is India’s premier institution for the last two decades, involved in the crusade against Substance Abuse and its related problems including HIV/AIDS. It has ingeniously discovered time tested techniques of identification, treatment, recovery and rehabilitation of victims of Substance Abuse and Alcohol Abuse. It’s unique drugs treatment program for both treatment, as well as rehabilitation, has a high success rate, as 68.88 percent of the drug addicts treated at the rehab centre are still drug free, after treatment. The DISHA treatment and rehabilitation program, involves a four-pronged treatment app roach that includes treatment on the physical, mental, social and spiritual planes. DISHA has been providing a holistic treatment process aimed at targeting all angles of substance and alcohol abuse, and has over a period of over 25 years, now achieved a success percentage ratio of 68.88 %.
Drug addiction and Alcoholism has well-recognized cognitive, behavioural, and physiological characteristics that contribute to continued use of alcohol and drugs, by the addict, despite the harmful consequences. It has been scientifically proved that chronic drug abuse alters the brain’s anatomy and chemistry and that these changes can last for months or years after the individual has stopped using drugs. This transformation may help explain why addicts are at a high risk of relapse to drug abuse even after long periods of abstinence, and why they persist in seeking drugs despite deleterious consequences and necessarily need long term treatment.
What we do?
1. In — Patient Treatment Facility “Disha” has a fully equipped fifteen bed hospital dedicated to the treatment of the victims of drug addiction. Medical professionals and social workers of Disha offer a complete detoxification program sublimated by elaborate follow of schedules and rehabilitations counselling environment enriched by comfortable accommodation and entertainment facilities including indoor games, exercise, cable TV etc., psychological test like 16 PF, BG Test, TAT, Draws a Pictures Test being conducted to understand the person ability profiles of the client, the 4P process (person, place, problem, process) gives an insight to plan the treatment module. The whole person recovering (WPR) is being achieved by regular follow, AA/NA meeting, work conditioning and community support. The indicators of WPR are drug free, crime free and economically productive, which can be obtained by networking with family members and community during the recovering journey.
Development of healthy routine and positive attitude towards life can be achieved by psychotherapy, behaviour modification, individual counselling, and group counselling, physical exercise. Yoga reward and punishment.
2. Out Patient Treatment and counselling facility by team of professional. Assistance to patient and parent, spouses are available at centre during office hour between 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.
3. Awareness Drive creating awareness among the people about the evils of addiction is done by bringing out publications, actual contact and other instruments of media Exhibition, Panel Discussion, Nukkar Natak, etc
4. Research Conducting surveys and study of various areas, in order to root causes for becoming victims of Drug Addiction to establish contacts with people, their families and neighbours in order to evaluate the areas specific need of enrichment of society.
5. Conference, Workshop, Seminar and Training programme are being organized time-to-time exchange of ideas and professional growth.
6. Crisis interventions : At time of relapse, emotional problem, depression crisis intervention team consisting Professional social worker& recovering addict render their services to handle the difficult situations.
7. Reeducating session : The client narrates his own journey of addiction among the other fellow inmates. This helps in creating empathy and self-realization, which automatically leads to change in personality.
8. Group Therapy : The group Therapy, AA/NA meetings, self help groups gives a platform to change oneself.
9. Prayer : The SQ is being increased by way of prayer, yoga and physical exercises.
10. Work Conditioning : The Client is assigned work in controlled environment to break the inertia.
11. Other : New innovative as well as constant development due to experiences and research conducted all over the world is being taken care and embodied in our treatment & rehabilitation programme.

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Feb 10, 2013
by a

Very Good Treatment. I have seen that patients from Far areas like Bihar , Nepal, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra come here for the world class treatment they give. Thanks to all staff and management

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