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Prabal Drug De-addiction and Psychiatric Hospital is well equipped 25 bedded hospital registered with State Mental Health Authority, Uttar Pradesh. The hospital has provision for admitting patients with all kinds of psychiatric illnesses and substance abuse disorders. At Prabal, the mentally sick and drug dependent patients are given therapeutic treatment and care. In addition, there is also provision for the treatment of those with special needs such as women drug users, adolescent drug users, drug users with dual diagnosis (drug or alcohol dependency with psychiatric illnesses). Similarly, patient of any age group, male or female suffering from any Psychiatric or Psychological problem is given full treatment with special care. Advanced therapies available for treatment like Hypnotherapy (Chemical and Psychological), Psychotherapies, Behavioral therapy, Relaxation exercises, Music Therapy, Yoga & Naturopathy. The overall treatment and ca re of the patients is taken by Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Counselor and Social Worker. The hospital is adequately staffed with the round the clock availability of doctors, nurses as well as paramedical staff.

We at Prabal are encouraged by the cooperation received from guardians. We proudly, ascertain almost complete recovery of our patients. The numbers of our benefited patients are in thousands who are earning members and leading a respectable life in society. We encourage rehabilitation of our patients in family, work and society. This has largely contributed to the patient's complete recovery and zeal in their life to live.The management of drug dependence and Mental Patients requires a multi modal approach. Besides medical model other psycho-social therapies are very useful along with pharmacotherapy. At Prabal Emphasis is paid on both Social and Economic Rehabilitation.

The activities of Prabal under social economic rehabilitation programs are tested and methodically designed to improve the communication, attention, concentration, reaction time, attitudes and behavioral practices for his efficiency in the society.In our Social Rehabilitation Schedule, not only involves the patients into Group / Individual Therapy Techniques, but also Role-Modeling, Debates, Art, Music-therapy, Problem Solving Sessions, Games and Techniques to Improve Attention and Communication Skills. Prabal cares to provide a very empathetic atmosphere during this time.

Social Rehabilitation at Prabal is directed to restore confidence into the drug addict/mentally sick individual and motivate him with proper Social Skills and Communication Skills. The methods followed are:

  • Group Therapy
  • Relaxation Therapy
  • Improvement of Communication Skills
  • Group Games
  • Debate
  • Extempore Speech
  • Encouraging Literary Works
  • Occasional Long-Distance / Short Trips
  • Sessions to Improve Attentiveness
  • Regular Physical Exercise
  • Daily News Recollection
  • Hobby Development

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Prabal Drug De-addiction and Psychiatric Hospital is a centre that is open every day for out-patient and in-patient care. At Prabal, men, women and youth are given assistance with addiction or mental issues that he or she may be dealing with.

Prabal Hospital focuses on giving the average person access to the care they need through affordable, well-rounded care. Multiple types of therapies are used to fight addiction and/or mental disease. Patient, experienced staff assists each patient with unique needs.

Open in the evening for out-patients, Prabal Hospital helps people decide whether they need brief assistance or short to long term care. Prabal also provides and recommends after care. Those struggling with addiction or mental health problems will be greatly assisted by Prabal Hospital.


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Actual Recovery

We almost quit the idea of treating my cousin brother who had been to almost all rehabs and repeated relapses. In april 2014 we admitted my brother with a least expectation for 2 months treatment at Prabal De addiction centre in lucknow, but he was discharged in 50days. He had to go with rigorous therapies and medical treatment under the supervision of experts there at Prabal. Praise God! Now he has completed his 11 months of clean time, busy with his business and became very responsible as earlier days. I really need to thank to complete faculty members, and especially Rajiv Sir under whose guidance and supervision my brother was. Keep going on you people are doing great job. By treating one patient you are saving one complete family. God Bless all of you all and Inmates too.


by Shatrughan on DeAddictionCentres.IN

by Mr Kashi on DeAddictionCentres.IN
Excellent Hospitality

Prabal Hospital is well established decade long hospital wherein the infrastructure and greenery gives a homely atmosphere to the patients.
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Mr Rajiv Kumar Srivastava & Prabal Family.My patient have been taken care off very well in this hospital and every one was very co-operative.The facilities & attention paid towards the patient is commendable. Thank you all for your kind services.

by Mrs S.Srivastava on DeAddictionCentres.IN

I visited Prabal Drug De-addiction and Psychiatric Hospital in Aliganj, Lucknow; because I wanted to get my friend's father admitted there as she is staying in Allahabad. I was met by a caring and professional staff who guided me through all the procedures from admission to discharge. I got him admitted and now he is totally alcohol free and is giving attention towards his business. It was really a wonderful experience of services by Prabal Hospital to my friends father who is absolutely well now. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Rajiv Sir and to entire team of Prabal De-addiction Centre. My patient has been taken care off very well in this hospital and every one was very supportive. Once again my sincere thanks to all.

by A.Yadav on DeAddictionCentres.IN

I would like to praise the great work Prabal staff did for me. I especially want to thank the great care that Director of Prabal (famous as Rajiv Sir among the patients) showed to me during my stay there. I feel he is very professional, caring and nurturing person. He handled my aggressive episode with great care and professionally. He really cares for the people in rehab programs and at times he is very strict also which now I feel is also required. I am also thankful to Dr M.Singh and also want to thank the counsellor Miss Swati, and the care giving staff, who guided me through my detox and was there for me every step of the way with an excellent teaching, counselling and group therapy. Today because of Prabal I am is on my road to a sober lifestyle. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. A.K.Yadav.

by Dr Manish Dwivedi on DeAddictionCentres.IN
Excellent Treatment & Hospitality

I visited Prabal Drug De-addiction and Psychiatric Hospital because I wanted to get my friend admitted there as he is staying out of Lucknow and was suffering from Solvent abuse. I got him admitted and now after 25days of treatment he is totally Drug free and is giving attention towards his business. It was really a wonderful experience of services by Prabal Hospital to my friend I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Rajiv Sir, Dr Malaya, Swati Mam, and to entire team of Prabal De-addiction Centre. My patient has been taken care off very well in this hospital and every one was very Co-operative.The attention paid towards the patient was commendable.We are fully satisfied. Once again thanks to all.


The Prabal Psychiatric Hospital has a good Psychological team which endeavors to regress the patients with their problems. This brings about the required self realization and strengthening will power of the patient. Any patient suffering from Mental Illness or Substance abuse must visit Prabal once and make the difference in their life, but one should have patience and faith in treatment because the effect of medication and psychological counseling may take longer time between one or two months; as in my case

Saved Ay Life And Family.

Coming to this facility after 4 prior treatments in various hospitals of lucknow, I had no idea what I really am - until I saw it face-to-face. I know prabal does not guarantee100% recovery - but had I not been in Prabal , my early death was a guarantee. Today, I have lots of hope and humility in my heart - and a prayer on my lips - for my renewed chance in life.
I shall ever be gratefull to Mr Rajiv, Dr Singh,Swati Mam and rest of the amazing team.Excellent services and standards!

by A.Sinha. on DeAddictionCentres.IN

My elder brother was suffering from opiod dependence . He was unable to perform his daily routine activities and studies properly. It was difficult for us to manage him at home and occasionally he started fighting at home, with friends and neighbours and demanded money,money only money. We admitted him at Prabal De addiction Centre where he was given proper treatment,good food and homely care was imparted. My brother recovered within three weeks time and we were amazed to see his good health. He is now staying with us at home and taking his medicines.Now he has joined his coaching for further studies. The care given by the caregivers of Prabal Hospital is excellent and we are really indebted for bringing a difference to our family and patient. I am really thankful to Prabal Hospital from thecore of my heart.

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