Sadbhav De-Addiction Centre

Services Offered: Alcoholism Treatment, Detoxification, Drug Addiction Treatment, Family Services, Relapse Prevention, Residential Rehabilitation, Smoking Cessation, Substance Abuse Counselling
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Sadbhav is a non-profit comprehensive de-addiction centre which offers a multi-disciplinary approach to de-addiction. Patients take part in 4-6 weeks of treatment from a professional staff.  The first step in treatment is detoxification. After the patient has been stabilized he will take part in a variety of of activities that will help him replace the void. Patients take part in meetings, counselling, group therapy, and classes. After 3 weeks of treatment, the patient’s family will take part in meetings and counselling in order to heal the entire family affected by addiction. After treatment, Sadbhav encourages and helps the patient to seek after-care programs.

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