Shafa Home

Home for De-toxification, Correction and Rehabilitation
Services Offered: Detoxification, Drug Addiction Treatment, Residential Rehabilitation, Substance Abuse Counselling, Women, Yoga and Meditation
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Founded in 1999, Shafa Homes, coming from the Urdu word meaning “the power of healing”, was begun by recovering addicts who had a vision to help addicts. The Shafa Home in Uttaranchal is a safe place for men and women to get help with addiction and rejuvenate his/her life.

Shafa has a holistic approach to treatment with recovery focused on four parts – physical, mental, social, and spiritual. This “home away from home” is a peaceful, welcoming community focused on individuals getting needs met through a multi-faceted program.

Focused on renewing patient’s entire life, experiences at Shafa Home are deep, personal, and rewarding. Men and women are educated, treated, and given essential life and work skills to start a new life. Patients are given the proper skills to fight addiction, and the support of loving mentors through Shafa Home.


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